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By Jayne MillerOct 18, 2018


If 5G stories have been crowding your newsfeed as of late, you're not alone.

We've also been seeing—and consuming—these wireless headlines.

We pulled a handful of stories for your perusing pleasure. This includes an update from Ars Technica on the Federal Communications Commission's decision to preempt local rules on deployment of 5G wireless equipment.

We also sprinkled in news about Italy's recent 5G auction, plus some notes on T-Mobile's 5G strategy.

If you keep scrolling past all things 5G, you can read about installing fiber at the bottom of Lake Ontario or take a closer look at what Hurricane Michael has done to networks in the southern United States.  

Cities Will Sue FCC to Stop $2 Billion Giveaway to Wireless Carriers

Why it’s worth your time: According to this Ars Technica piece, some cities are planning to sue the Federal Communications Commission over its choice to preempt local rules on 5G wireless equipment deployment.

Italian 5G Auction Sees High Price Tags, Raised Eyebrows

Why it’s worth your time: The Italian government recently completed its sale of wireless spectrum, which has been earmarked as suitable for future 5G services. The auction ran for 14 days and saw 171 rounds of bidding, raising over €6.55 billion. This was more than €4 billion higher than the government’s minimum target. The high prices paid for frequencies have raised eyebrows—and not just in Italy.

T-Mobile Shows Off 5G Network Modeling Tech in FCC Meeting

Why it’s worth your time: Okay. This is our third and final 5G story for the day.

In this Fierce Telecom post, Mike Dano outlines T-Mobile's 5G preparations. This includes average throughput of 451 Mbps by 2024 and peak throughput of 4.2 Gbps. Further, "in midband spectrum, 5G would provide 52% more spectral efficiency over LTE when using 4x4 MIMO."

If these stats have piqued your interest, click the link above for more details on T-Mobile's 5G future.

How One Company Plumbed an Ultra-Fast Internet Route Across the Bottom of Lake Ontario

Why it’s worth your time: Crosslake Fibre Inc. had to cope with 48-kilometer-per-hour winds rocking the boat as they became the first ocean-going vessel to bury a submarine fibre-optic cable in the Great Lakes.

Emily Jackson's story highlights the double-armored cable that goes as deep as 142 meters below the water’s surface to connect Toronto to New York state.

Verizon Fiber Suffered “Unprecedented” Damage from Hurricane Michael  

Why it’s worth your time: As the southern United States recovers from Hurricane Michael, mobile services are struggling to get back on their feet. 

"The storm caused unprecedented damage to our fiber, which is essential for our network—including many of our temporary portable assets—to work," Verizon said on its webpage for hurricane updates.

This post has all the updates.

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