Anyone Know Where to Find Good Pricing Data Around Here?


By Jayne MillerMar 10, 2020


Yes, we do know where to find good pricing data around here. (Great pricing data, actually.)

TeleGeography's Pricing Suite is a portal to all of our network pricing data and related analysis. It's fueled stories like this and this and even this.

Today we're answering a handful of quick questions about how we maintain our databases—and how you can get access.

How does TeleGeography collect and manage its pricing data?

TeleGeography directly surveys service providers, carriers, and internet backbone operators. Our team also collates public information gathered from service provider websites.

These efforts have resulted in millions of data points that live across our databases. Individual pricing figures are refreshed on a rolling basis; customers are notified after substantial updates to our datasets. We also let our users know when our analysis has been refreshed.

TeleGeography’s pricing data is unique in its geographic scope and its full range of capacity options (2 Mbp through GigE or 10GigE).  We know the carrier eco-system. We understand the WAN technology. And we have historic records of data that others simply do not have.

Who uses TeleGeography's pricing data?

We've provided pricing expertise to thousands of service providers, enterprises, equipment makers, investors, and governments.

Our data is used by carrier product teams to track trends and ensure that their prices match the market.

These tools are also for end users, particularly those looking to grow their networks in unfamiliar geographies or upgrade capacity at existing sites. These users lean on our trend data—sourced across many providers through long-term relationships—to assess how the market may have changed over the period of their contract. Our research plays a vital role in how they might optimize their spend to get more capacity.  

Through our work, enterprises looking to transform their WAN—perhaps by adding additional capacity through internet/broadband, upgrading MPLS connections, or using SD-WAN on top of a hybrid underlay network—can get a full view of the options for improving their experience.

What's inside the Pricing Suite?

The full suite is made up of 10 modules that correspond to our 10 network pricing data sets, all of which are available for purchase as individual pieces. It covers:

How do I access TeleGeography's pricing data?

Our team is here to help get you set up.

If you have questions about these tools, want to see product samples, or need a quote for getting your team access, email us at

What's a module? What's an app? What do you call these products?

Good question. We call all of TeleGeography's research products apps. The TeleGeography Pricing Suite is an app made up of 10 individual pricing modules


Read more FAQs about all of our pricing databases.


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