Who Knew the Netherlands Used So Much Wi-Fi? (And Other Stories From Our March Reading List.)


By Jayne MillerMar 21, 2017


Spring has sprung. If you're a TeleGeographer, that means there are lots of telecoms conferences on the horizon and, subsequently, lots of in-flight reading to get in order.

This month, our reading queue includes lots of mobile stats, a peek inside Microsoft's global network, and a closer look at events rocking South Africa's MTN and China's ZTE Corp.

You can find all these stories and others below.

Global State of Mobile Networks

Why it’s worth your time: We're a group of people who enjoy interesting statistics on mobile networks. If you're like us, you'll enjoy clicking around this interactive feature by OpenSignal, which covers overall network speed around the globe. (Who knew the Netherlands used so much wifi?)

How Microsoft Builds its Fast and Reliable Global Network

Why it’s worth your time: Every day, customers around the world connect to Microsoft Azure, Bing, Dynamics 365, Office 365, OneDrive, Xbox, and similar services. Here's how Microsoft connects hundreds of datacenters in 38 regions around the world.

MTN: What next for Africa’s $17bn telecoms group?

Why it’s worth your time: The Financial Times takes a deeper look at MTN, one of the largest telecoms operators in Africa.

MTN was in the news last month following xenophobic attacks on their Johannesburg headquarters, an event embedded in the larger story of simmering tensions between Nigeria and South Africa.

Following the pillaging of their office, MTN recorded their first annual loss, largely credited to their troubles in Nigeria. It's a long story—and a fascinating one. 

ZTE’s Penalty for Sanction Violation, Explained

Why it’s worth your time: Chinese equipment supplier ZTE Corporation has agreed to pay a $892.4 million fine after pleading guilty to breaking U.S. trade sanctions against Iran and North Korea. This explainer does a nice job explaining what that means and why it happened.

Canadian Telecoms made $37 million last year charging to unlock cellphones

Why it’s worth your time: Unlocking charge or "hostage fee." You decide. This piece from CBC News covers an unlocking revenue total provided by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.


Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

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