Z-axis Technology Takes Location Data to New Heights

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By Kristin LeeJun 28, 2022


It’s our first telecom reading list of the summer, and the headlines are coming in hot.

First up—Z-axis support for 911 calls.

Scroll on down to read about this critical development for public safety, the ghost of Sprint’s 5G network, new Ukrainian voice intel, and more.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile tout Z-axis support for 911

Earlier this month, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile reported to the FCC that they are now securing Z-axis location data for 911 calls.

Why is this significant?

Z-axis location data—combined with X- and Y-axis data—could allow emergency responders to determine which floor of the building a 911 call is coming from.

Light Reading has the scoop on this development and other potential upgrades to the nation’s 911 services.

T-Mobile facing lawsuit over shuttering Sprint's legacy 5G network

After T-Mobile US and Sprint Corporation completed their long-awaited merger in April 2020, the pace of rebranding raised eyebrows. (You can find a recap here.)

Two years later, T-Mobile is facing a lawsuit alleging that “the combination of T-Mobile and Sprint no longer provides suitable competition in the industry.” 

Ukraine’s Inbound Voice Traffic Is Surging. Here’s How We Know.

In just one month, carriers clocked a sevenfold increase in international voice traffic to Ukraine.

This data comes from i3forum Insights, a market database for international voice services.

The group recorded an increase from 10 million to 70 million inbound international voice minutes to Ukraine in March 2022. Keep reading for the full story.

A Warming Arctic Emerges as a Route for Subsea Cables

Here’s a cool topic: submarine cables in the Arctic.

An idea that once seemed impossible has become more feasible, due to accelerated warming and ice coverage shrinking.

If you’d like to learn more, this Wall Street Journal piece is very informative—and features TeleGeography’s own Tim Stronge.

Zeroing in on the Trans-Atlantic Submarine Corridor

Speaking of Tim Stronge, our fearless VP of Research recently gave a live presentation all about the Trans-Atlantic Submarine Corridor.

If you missed out, you can still watch the recording or download Tim’s full slide deck.


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