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By Jayne MillerNov 14, 2018

Jeroen van Loon

It's monthly reading list time. 

Our lead story for November is actually a brand new rendering of the internet. No, our 2019 submarine cable map isn't ready yet. We speak of a new art project that enlisted the help of some very creative toddlers to bring 279 cables to life.

We've also got a little bit of broadband news, 5G talk, and enterprise infrastructure conversation linked below. Happy reading.

Connecting the Dots

Why it’s worth your time: What happens when you make 279 connect-the-dots puzzles of individual submarine cables and give them to toddlers?

You get a colorful and unique rendering of the internet.

This is exactly what artist Jeroen van Loon did. "Connecting the Dots shows the infrastructure of the internet, drawn by toddlers which didn’t have the conceptual framework to see and understand what they were drawing," writes van Loon. "For this generation the internet will be a common as tap water." 

Click above to explore the collection.

Does Your Enterprise Lack the Infrastructure Necessary to Support Disruptive Technologies?

Why it’s worth your time: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are on the horizon. Ciena’s Daniele Loffreda has crafted a piece for network managers who are bracing themselves for another wave of "disruptive" technologies. He has recommendations for businesses who are preparing their networks for the AI impact.

Cable is Main Form of Broadband Access in North America

Why it’s worth your time: The market for fixed broadband services in North America is clearly divided along technological lines.

Cablecos are currently battling rivals with copper and, increasingly, fiber-based networks. Pete Bell examines the broadband environment across the continent.

Trump to Create Spectrum Strategy for 5G

Why it’s worth your time: To follow up on last month's roundup of 5G-centric stories, President Trump has since signed a memorandum directing the Commerce Department to develop a long-term spectrum strategy to aid the rollout of 5G technology in the U.S.

This Fierce Wireless story outlines these developments, including a new White House Spectrum Strategy Task Force created alongside this order.

Botched Subsea Cable Installation Nets Muskrat Falls Partner $5.9M Payout

Why it’s worth your time: Do we have a Google Alert set up for interesting submarine cable news? Absolutely. This month it yielded this—the story of a $5.9-million insurance payout for a poorly laid cable on the floor of the Cabot Strait in 2017. If cable news and notes are of interest, give this CBC story about the project a read.

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