Meet TeleGeography's Pricing Team!

TeleGeography’s Pricing / Enterprise Team was set up in the Summer of 2001 by Rob Schult. At the time, the telecom industry was in the midst of liberalization and right before the dot-com and telecom industry bust. The team has since grown from 1 to 8 analysts, expanding its once singular focus on point-to-point, wholesale international private line price benchmarks to include wholesale IP transit and Enterprise WAN services.

A Better Business Broadband

U.K. telecom regulator Ofcom recently completed its Strategic Review of Digital Communications. The study aims to improve access to high-quality telecom services in the U.K. for both consumers and businesses. One of the study's mandates is to open up Openreach's infrastructure to other providers wishing to lay their own fiber. The study concluded that the British Telecom subsidiary discriminates against rivals and stifles broadband competition.

Bandwidth and IP Pricing Trends in 15 Minutes

Brianna Boudreau, TeleGeography's Senior Pricing Analyst, presented a comprehensive overview of bandwidth and IP pricing trends at PTC (Pacific Telecommunications Council) in Honolulu, Hawaii, this past January. Spend fifteen minutes and get up to speed on current pricing trends drawn from TeleGeography's one-of-a-kind pricing databases.