Lessons Learned From Season 4: Submarine Cables & AI


By Kristin LeeMay 23, 2023


Although TeleGeography Explains the Internet explores all areas of the global business of connectivity, there are some hot topics that demand extra attention.

Submarine cables and artificial intelligence are two examples. Both are heavily covered in the press and on everyone's minds right now—including our podcast guests.

Here are some highlights pulled from Season 4. Listen as experts weigh in on utilizing subsea cables as seismic monitoring networks, using AI in network monitoring, and more.

Episode 411
$10 Billion in Submarine Cables

When you want to talk about submarine cables, you talk to Research Director Alan Mauldin. Listen in to hear about major cable developments. Full episode ▶️

Episode 418
Tracking Down Itty Bitty Cables

Analysts like Lane track down and verify info on hundreds of cables to keep our famous cable map accurate and updated. Full episode ▶️

Episode 424
Seafloor Cables as Sensors

Dr. Mike Clare from the National Oceanography Centre explains how submarine cables can help provide data about the ocean floor. Full episode ▶️

Episode 417
Finding the Future of Networking

Rohan Singh, Vice President of Client Services at Marlabs, shares his advice for companies in need of network engineering talent. (Hint: build a pipeline of engineers fresh out of college and get current infrastructure professionals comfortable with newer technologies, like AI.) Full episode ▶️

Episode 422
Why AI in Network Monitoring?

Kannan Kothandaraman, Co-Founder and CEO at Selector AI, talks about how AI for networking is developing. Full episode ▶️

Season 5 will be here before you know it.

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Greg Bryan

Greg Bryan

Greg is Senior Manager, Enterprise Research at TeleGeography. He's spent the last decade and a half at TeleGeography developing many of our pricing products and reports about enterprise networks. He is a frequent speaker at conferences about corporate wide area networks and enterprise telecom services. He also hosts our podcast, TeleGeography Explains the Internet.

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Alan Mauldin

Alan Mauldin

Alan Mauldin is a Research Director at TeleGeography. He manages the company’s infrastructure research group, focusing primarily on submarine cables, terrestrial networks, international Internet infrastructure, and bandwidth demand modeling. He also advises clients with due diligence analysis, feasibility studies, and business plan development for projects around the world. Alan speaks frequently about the global network industry at a wide range of conferences, including PTC, Submarine Networks World, and SubOptic.

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Lane Burdette

Lane Burdette

Lane Burdette is a Research Analyst at TeleGeography. She specializes in internet infrastructure with a focus on submarine cables, data centers, and public policy.