A Guide to 5G Spectrum Auctions in Eastern Europe: the Baltic States

As the telecom world prepares to enter the 5G era, our GlobalComms team has been keeping tabs on regulatory agencies, spectrum bands, and provisional auction dates.

Continuing our series about the 5G auctions—which began last month with our overview of Western Europe—we now head east to examine the 5G landscape.

Today we’ll look at the state of play in the Baltic States: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Registration for Telecoms World Middle East 2018 is Now Open

We wanted to give you a heads up on a telecom conference that you might want to add to your calendar: Telecoms World Middle East.

The event is slated for September 17-18 in Dubai. (Download the brochure here.)

Wireless Services in Europe: A Mixed Bag for Operators

Europe’s wireless market has seen customer totals decline in recent years as operators place less emphasis on winning new users and more on earning from their existing subscribers while wiping inactive accounts.

There were around 1.045 billion cellular subscribers across Western and Eastern Europe at the end of 2017, down from 1.048 billion a year earlier.

At it’s peak in 2015 there were 1.052 billion subscribers.

How Does a TeleGeography Map Come Together?

How does one go about keeping track of nearly 400 submarine cable systems and over 1,000 landing stations? 

Carefully, with lots of precise, year-round tracking, as it turns out.

In today's post, we're sharing secrets from our mapmakers about how our submarine cable map designs come together.  

Our New E-book Contains Nearly 50 Maps and 20 Years of Telecom History

We’ve been making maps for a long time–since 1996, if you can believe it.

Our maps don the walls of telecom companies, network operations centers, regulatory agencies, boardrooms, and even museums. Two dozen have even found their way into the Library of Congress.

There is a lot of telecom history in these designs.

Under the Radar: The Deregulation of Business Data Services

The FCC’s overturn of net neutrality rules once again made headlines, as a recent bill to save neutrality standards fell 46 votes short in the House.

But this isn't the only standard that the FCC has successfully shifted as of late.

Last year incumbent local carriers and cable providers scored a different major win that flew well under the radar.

Uptime Requirements Drive BorgWarner’s Migration to SD-WAN

There were several drivers behind BorgWarner’s decision to adopt SD-WAN, but perhaps the most important was that they “needed multiple avenues to keep manufacturing sites up and running,” according to Mark Williams, senior information technology manager for the company.

A Guide to 5G Spectrum Auctions in Western Europe: The United Kingdom and Beyond

The United Kingdom and Ireland are two of the first countries to stage full-fledged 5G auctions. As we round out our coverage of 5G auctions in Western Europe, we’ll review what’s happening in these countries, as well as the UK Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

You can circle back and read our coverage of Nordic countries, the region between Austria, France, and the Netherlands, as well as Portugal, Spain, and Mediterranean countries.

A Guide to 5G Spectrum Auctions in Western Europe: Portugal, Spain, and Around the Mediterranean

There's no shortage of news coming out of Western Europe about planned 5G spectrum auctions.

This is just the kind of thing our GlobalComms team was engineered for. We've already covered the 5G situation across Nordic countries, as well as the nations between France and Austria in earlier posts. (And we've since tackled the British Isles.)

That brings us around the Mediterranean and toward the Atlantic, with headlines from Greece, Italy, Portugal, San Marino, and Spain. 

A Guide to 5G Spectrum Auctions in Western Europe: From Austria to France to the Netherlands

There's been a burst of announcements across Western Europe about planned 5G spectrum auctions. As you might expect, our GlobalComms team has been keeping tabs on all of the crucial information. (Check out our rundown of the 5G situation across Nordic countries here. And we've since taken on the nations between France and Austria and the British Isles.)

But we're not done yet. There are more regulatory agencies, spectrum bands, and provisional auction dates to dissect. Today we’ll look at the state of play in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.