Cody Williams @ APRICOT 2016

Our analyst, Cody Williams, will be presenting at APRICOT 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand on 15–26 February. Cody will be presenting at APRICOT in his capacity as TeleGeography's Asia infrastructure specialist and will outline Recent Trends in Asia and Oceania.

The Hidden Benefits of Flexible Provisioning for Capacity Planning

The experts discuss how flexible provisioning can enable you to drive down cost, improve agility and maximise the flexibility of your SDN and NFV technologies.

In this lively debate hosted by Erik Kreifeldt from TeleGeography, the WAN panel discussed whether flexible provisioning was the key to addressing challenges of capacity planning faced by carriers. Flexible provisioning is a major benefit of SDN and NFV technologies even when the main driver is cost, there are surprising gains to be had in terms of agility and flexibility.

Why Might Verizon Start Selling its Colocation Assets?

In a surprising reversal of a statement that Verizon's CFO made in November of last year, Reuters suggested on the 6th of January that Verizon is starting a process of selling its entire data center portfolio. TeleGeography's Senior Analyst, Jonathan Hjembo, explains in our series: TeleGeography Takeaways.

The Fifth Generation WAN: The Programmable Network

Ray Watson, VP of Global Technology at Masergy, provides a comprehensive background of how WAN technology has evolved and how it compares to the next paradigm which he calls "The Fifth Generation I.T."

The “White Box” Revolution

In the third and last part of a three-part series, we conclude the WAN Summit London 2016 discussion of SDN and NFV with a look into the "white box revolution," an idea that promises a vendor-agnostic solution in which open source software operates on generic server and switch hardware. 

Virtual Reality: Network Function Virtualization Choices

In the second part of a three-part series, we continue to explore one of the hottest topic from WAN Summit London 2016: SDN and NFV. As a follow up to the first part of the discussion on real world experiences of SDN and NFV in the field, Erik Kreifeldt from TeleGeography, moves the discussion to what functions are best suited for virtualization. 

Exploring the Potential of SDN and NFV

In this first part of a three-part series, we explore one of the hottest topic from WAN Summit London 2016: SDN and NFV. In the panel The Promise and the Reality of SDN and NFV, Erik Kreifeldt from TeleGeography, moderates a discussion of the promise and reality of these technologies from the perspective of enterprises as well as carriers. 

How Adidas used WAN offloading to offset the cost of growth

At this year’s WAN Summit in London, Senior Director of Global IT at Adidas, Alberto Pedraz, set out a precise and concrete user case which illustrated some of the drivers, implementation decisions and success factors of the €14.5bn turnover sports apparel company’s 18-month WAN offloading project.

What are the implications of the TalkTalk breach for network security?

After the TalkTalk hack last month, perhaps some of the most salient lessons to be learned concern PR and communications strategies, particularly in the wake of a breach.

But are there also lessons that network specialists can take away from the event?

WAN Summit London 2015: Three Takeaways

Missed the WAN Summit in London?

Not to worry, TeleGeography is here to help! Here are our three takeaways about the future of enterprise WAN networks that you should know about.

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