What are the implications of the TalkTalk breach for network security?

After the TalkTalk hack last month, perhaps some of the most salient lessons to be learned concern PR and communications strategies, particularly in the wake of a breach.

But are there also lessons that network specialists can take away from the event?

WAN Summit London 2015: Three Takeaways

Missed the WAN Summit in London?

Not to worry, TeleGeography is here to help! Here are our three takeaways about the future of enterprise WAN networks that you should know about.

My WAN is the Internet

WAN Summit 2015: Pearson explains how it is adapting its network to new business challenges


This year’s WAN Summit in London took place from 7– 8 October 2015.

The two days featured some fascinating debates as well as real-life experiences from carriers and enterprise customers. David Ferguson, VP of Infrastructure Strategy at Pearson, shared his experiences of recent major changes to the FTSE 100 Education Company’s global network infrastructure.

Are Russian Submarines Attacking the Internet?

The New York Times published an article on October 25th that conjectured Russian submarines operating near submarine cable telecommunication systems pose a serious threat to the global Internet. TeleGeography's Senior Analyst, Jonathan Hjembo, responds in our series: TeleGeography Takeaways.

Connecting Schneider Electric to the Cloud

Last year’s WAN Summit featured some fascinating real-life experiences from Enterprise users, including this case study presentation from Lionel Marie, Network Architect at Schneider Electric.

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